Silent Announcements & Newsletter Guidelines

Role of Announcements: Timely Homewood information. A public face to newcomers that specifically introduces Homewood Meeting and offers information about upcoming Homewood events.

Guidelines for Announcements:

· Homewood Friends Meeting Events

· Ongoing Homewood Events

· Announcements regarding upcoming events at simple lunch, camping events, etc.

· Time-driven news of Homewood Friends*, births, illness, deaths

· Only items under the care of the Meeting should be included.

· Items should be ongoing only if Friends need to be kept informed; usually, items should not be in announcements for more than two weeks.

· If you have questions, ask the Clerk.

*Note: News about Quarterly Meeting and Stony Run Friends can be included in cover emails and in announcements at the rise of meeting.

– – –

Role of Newsletter: Provides material for reflection; offers information about long-term Homewood events; offers information about events in the larger Quaker community.


· Faith and Practice query of the month

· Homewood Events

· Other Quaker Events: FCNL, FGC, Peace Vigils, Racism group

(These organizations include Quaker affiliated groups; groups who have a Homewood liaison who reports back to the Meeting; organizations that Homewood helps to support.)

· Include news of graduations, weddings, and Friends in the larger Quaker community.

· All info. must include deadline dates from the submitting party

· Most items to run one month only.

– – –

Other avenues for communication: cover emails for weekly announcements; announcements at the rise of meeting; Homewood website; phone calls; personal emails.

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