We have gone Solar!

Homewood Achieves a Goal a Decade in the Making

Solar Panels on Homewood Roof – 2020

It has been nearly a decade since Homewood Friends Meeting, with the help of Interfaith Power and Light, installed solar panels on the building’s roof. These panels – 26 in all – have provided about 50% of the Meeting’s electricity needs on average. Homewood has been a faith community leader in solar energy and was one of the featured stops for a green practices tour by One Water Partnership in 2019. It has always been the goal of the House and Grounds Committee, and more recently, GOAT, to add enough panels to the rooftop array to reach 100% or more of the Meeting’s electricity generated through solar.

After a lot of research and contractor negotiation and financial support from the Trustees, we can finally say that Homewood has gone 100% solar as of the beginning of July. An additional 26 solar panels have been installed and the array can generate up to 120% of our electricity needs, the overage going back to the electric grid and generating credit for us.

The next time you are near the meetinghouse, take a stroll through the native plants garden on the south side of the building and then cross North Charles and take a look at the meetinghouse roof to get a full perspective on the solar panels.

Here is a photo of members of our Green Team, Rachael and Gary, turning on the panels

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