Adult Religious Education

ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION at Homewood Friends Meeting occurs at 9:00 a.m, on most Sundays (First Days) except the first Sunday of each month.

For Adult Religious Education materials, please click here.

General information:

  • On the first First Day (Sunday) of the month we do not have Adult Religious Education because we have our monthly business meeting after worship and lunch.
  • On the second First Day we have Quaker Book Club, in which we discuss books about topics of interest to Friends. Although it is helpful for most to have read the book passage in advance, it is not a requirement. People are encouraged to come, listen in, and contribute their thoughts on the topic.
  • At announced times, we have Experiment with Light, which is a guided Quaker meditation based on a reconstruction of the worship experience of the early Quakers.

Adult education programs are often held online now. When they are in-person, they meet in the Library. Some, such as the Quaker Book Club, meet in the dining room downstairs because we serve coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks.

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