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Date Event Name
10/6 Worship/Business Tanya/Donna
10/13 Worship Sarah S
10/20 Worship Rich
10/27 Worship Tanya
11/3 Worship & Business Ann
Thanksgiving Worship Tanya

Ministry & Counsel’s Opening Statement for Worship
(Revised 1/3/18)

Welcome to Homewood Friends’ meeting for worship.

The Quaker experience is that each of us has a measure of that radically loving spirit which guides us to live justly and peaceably. In worship, we enter into stillness of body and mind in order to feel that spirit of love within and among us, to give ourselves over to it, and to discern what it would have us do.

Sometimes during worship, that spirit will lead one or more of us to offer vocal ministry out of the silence. If you are so led today, please stand and speak loudly and clearly, so that all may hear, allowing a period of silence after any previous message [OPTIONAL: so that it may settle in our hearts].

Closing Meeting for Worship
(Updated 2/12/19)

{At approximately 11:30 a.m., stand and announce the following.}

I am _______________. On behalf of Homewood Friends Meeting, welcome! It is our custom at the close of meeting to provide Friends with an opportunity to share joys and sorrows, or to request that we hold someone in the Light or pray for them. {OPTIONAL: During this time, the children will rejoin us.}

{Allow time for that. When it seems clear that no one else wishes to stand and speak, shake hands with nearby persons. Stand. Allow time for people to greet each other.}

Good morning, Friends.

Announcements can be found on the Silent Announcements sheets, which are on the table by the door and also on our Website, homewoodfriends.org. Are there any additional announcements that need to be made now? Please say your name prior to speaking. {Recognize Friends who raise their hands.}

[OPTIONAL: Contributions to the Meeting are welcome. Please place contributions in the box here in the Meeting Room, or mail them to the Meeting office, or put them under the office door, or use the Donate button on our Website.]

There is a “Wicker Basket” on the lunch table downstairs; donations placed there go to {insert name of organization: see the Silent Announcements for the name}.

The Ministry and Counsel Committee at Homewood is responsible for the spiritual life of the Meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in membership, please feel free to ask any of these people. {Members of the committee stand and say their names.}

Finally, we provide newcomers or visitors with the opportunity to introduce yourselves and let us know how you happened to be with us this morning. {Invite introductions by section.} Visitors are encouraged to sign one of our Guest Books located at each door, and to indicate if you would like to receive the monthly newsletter by email.

We encourage you to gather for simple lunch and fellowship downstairs, through that door. All are welcome!

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