GREEN Organizing Action TEAM (GOAT)

The GREEN Organizing Action TEAM (GOAT) seeks to raise the level of concern and encourage spirit-led action in response to the climate crisis through the promotion of ecological sustainability, and environmental justice.  GOAT organizes educational, recreational, advocacy, and other activities that move the Meeting and individuals toward adopting more sustainable practices and actions in our everyday lives and in the world.  Homewood Friends is recognized by Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake as a leader among congregational green teams.  GOAT is providing mentorship to other congregations as they develop their green teams.

“GOAT NOATS” — brief monthly notes from the committee

Food choices minute and background

Homewood Friends summary for One Water Partnership (OWP)

GOAT Annual Report 2021 – FINAL

GOAT Annual Report 2020 – FINAL

GOAT Annual Report 2019 – FINAL

GOAT Annual Report 2018 – FINAL

GOAT Annual Report 2017 – FINAL



Psychological Barriers to Climate Change Action

Quaker Earthcare Witness Challenges epistle

Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) Paper 1 The UNFCCC – Preparation for Paris 2015

QUNO Paper 2 Grassroots Influence – Preparation for Paris 2015

QUNO Paper 3 Questions to Ask – Preparation for Paris 2015

QUNO Paper 4 Climate Science – Preparing for Paris

Responding to Everyday Environmental Dilemmas

Shared Quaker Statement: Facing the Challenge of Climate Change (Homewood Meeting has embraced this statement.)

Things maybe we can do now

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