Ministry & Counsel

MINISTRY AND COUNSEL COMMITTEE nurtures and oversees the spiritual life of the Meeting. In particular, we concern ourselves with the quality of meetings for worship and for business as well as memorial services, weddings, and other special meetings such as those for “threshing” an issue. People on the committee are Meeting members because of the nature of our work. Insights into our spiritual condition and progress are much valued whether from committee members or from other members of our community.

The committee also maintains concern for the individual spiritual and physical well-being of members and attenders. It provides clearness committees for membership, marriage under the care of the Meeting, and other issues including career and family issues. Anyone may request a clearness committee in which several members of the community meet together to help the person find clarity.

The committee also oversees adult religious education, with programs at 9:15 on Sunday except for the first Sunday of the month, which is meeting for business.

Members of Ministry and Counsel are introduced each Sunday at the conclusion of worship; please feel free to ask them any questions you may have about Quakerism or Homewood.

Link to the online visitor form (the virtual “blue sheet”)

Homewood – Quaker Process & Clerking

M & C Annual Report 2020

Outreach Team Report 2019

Outreach Team Annual Report 2018

M and C annual committee report 2018 final

M&C Committee Annual Report 2017

resources for members of the Committee are now located on the following pages:

Worship Oversight Assignments, Instructions, and Texts

Care & Concern Resource People (password required) 

M&C Annual Calendar

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