“GOAT Noats”

GOAT Noat 2022-04 Garden Club and Legislative Updates
GOAT Noat 2022-03 Legislative Updates from Annapolis
GOAT Noat 2022-02 Environmental Legislative Updates and more
GOAT Noat 2022-01 Legislative Session preview

GOAT Noat 2021-12 MD Environmental Human Rights Amendment
GOAT Noat 2021-11 COP 26
GOAT Noat 2021-10 En-ROADS and Electronics Recycling
GOAT Noat 2021-09 Composting Program Details
GOAT Noat 2021-08 DPW Composting Program
GOAT Noat 2021-06 On Gasoline and CO2 Emissions 
GOAT Noat 2021-05 MD General Assembly Update
GOAT Noat 2021-04 Climate Solutions Now Act
GOAT Noat 2021-03 Climate Solutions Act and other news
GOAT Noat 2021-02 Minute of Support for the Climate Solutions Now Act
GOAT Noat 2021-01 Climate Solutions Now in General Assembly

GOAT Noat 2020-12 Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Climate Solutions Now bill
GOAT Noat 2020-11 50th Edition and no-plastic holidays
GOAT Noat 2020-10 Recycling and pre-winter gardening
GOAT Noat 2020-09 New solar panels, responsible investing, and good recycling news for Baltimore County
GOAT Noat 2020-08 Realizing a decade old dream
GOAT Noat 2020-07 Plastic Free July
GOAT Noat 2020-06 Recent activities and chlorpyrifos ban update
GOAT Noat 2020-05 Update on Environmental Legislative Proposals
GOAT Noat 2020-04 Gardening for wildlife and birds
GOAT Noat 2020-03 Environmental bills in the Maryland General Assembly
GOAT Noat 2020-02 Rain barrels and Maryland General Assembly plans
GOAT Noat 2020-01 curing the plastic plague and looking ahead

GOAT Noat 2019-12 community solar source and plastics workshop
GOAT Noat 2019-11 Garden, Quaker Voice, and workshops
GOAT Noat 2019-06 legislative successes
GOAT Noat 2019-05 legislature
GOAT Noat 2019-04 upcoming activities
GOAT Noat 2019-03 Film screening, garden update, and energy hog to energy donor
GOAT Noat 2019-02 MD State Assembly and GreenFaith
GOAT Noat 2019-01 community solar

GOAT Noat 2018-12 survey goat
GOAT Noat 2018-11 plastic recycling moms
GOAT Noat 2018-10 bay wise gardens
GOAT Noat 2018-09 goats and more
GOAT Noat 2018-08 overshoot festival plastic
GOAT Noat 2018-07 Ecycling recommendations
GOAT Noat 2018-06 Cathy and Stephan discuss their solar panels
GOAT Noat 2018-04 Film and legislature updates
GOAT Noat 2018-03 Environmental bills in Legislative session
GOAT Noat 2018-02 Ecycling and legislative update
GOAT Noat 2018-01 legis coral emedia

GOAT Noat 2017-12
GOAT Noat 2017-11 It’s Official!
GOAT Noat 2017-10 OWP Dimming Sun Puerto Rico
GOAT Noat 2017-09 OWP; What’s in a Name?
GOAT Noat 2017-07 Ashes MCEJI OWP (revised)
GOAT-Noat-2017-06 Reflections on People’s Climate March
GOAT Noat 2017-05–1 Fracking Ban Passed!
GOAT Noat 2017-05–2 Greening Our Meeting Community
GOAT Noat 2017-04 People’s Climate March
GOAT Noat 2017-03 Legislative Update

GOAT Noat 2017-01 Fracking Ban or Moratorium

GOAT Noat 2016-12 Upcoming Legislation
GOAT Noat 2016-11 Fracking in Western Maryland

GOAT Noat 2016-08 Habits of Faith
GOAT Noat 2016-05 Legislative victories
GOAT Noat 2016-04 Legislative update
GOAT Noat 2016-03 Legislature
GOAT Noat 2016-01 Legislature
GOAT Noat 2015-12 Donations
GOAT Noat 2015-11 Groundswell

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