NOMINATING COMMITTEE taps the talents and interests of members and attenders to serve on the Meeting’s committees and as its officers, trying to keep in mind who would work well and strongly together.  The committee, which is composed of Friends who are recommended annually by a special search committee, does almost all of its work during the first six months of the year because committees re-form in July.

Accepting nomination for a committee is a very good way to get to know more people in the Meeting. Our goal is not so much to fill every space as to help the people of the meeting become closer and find more opportunities for giving of their time and talents to the Meeting and the larger community.

Nominating Committee 2020 Annual Report

Homewood Committee Roster 2020-2021 as approved

Committee Descriptions July 2019

Homewood Committee Roster 2019-2020 as approved

Homewood Committee Roster as approved 2018-2019

2017-2018 Committee Roster as approved

Nominating Committee Annual Report 2019

Nominating Committee Annual Report 2018

Nominating Committee Annual Report 2017

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