TRUSTEES (the Trustees Committee) aims to provide wise and effective stewardship of the Meeting’s financial resources and to inform the Meeting community about how we are caring for and using the Meeting’s resources. The Trustees committee performs three functions:

  • Provides oversight of the Meeting’s investment portfolio;
  • Determines allocation of funds to the Meeting for operating expenses and
  • Makes decisions on the award of funds to encourage and support the spiritual growth of Meeting members and attenders.

In addition, we set a committee goal to provide opportunities for Friends to explore the meaning and value of money in their lives through the Adult Education program.

Functions formerly performed by the STEWARDSHIP AND FINANCE COMMITTEE, which has been laid down, are now the responsibility of Trustees. They include preparation of the Meeting’s annual budget, in consultation with all committees, for the Meeting’s consideration; oversight of the accounting methods used and the adequacy of the financial reports given by the treasurer of the Meeting; and keeping the Meeting community apprised of financial needs.

We have no experts on the committee. We do our best to learn as much as we can as we go and utilize professional assistance, as appropriate. Nominees for the Trustees Committee must be members of Homewood. Despite the sober nature of the fiduciary responsibilities of the Trustees Committee, we enjoy our work together and find ways to introduce humor and mutual support into our meetings. We invite thoughts from all members and attenders about how the Meeting manages its fiscal resources and ideas as to how what we do in this realm might be better integrated with our faith and practice as Friends.

We generally meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:15 pm, and we welcome visitors. Please ask one of us about the location. Current members are Bess Keller (who acts as liaison to the Meeting), Molly Mitchell, Corry Royer, Susan Russell Walters, and Debbie Kennison.