Scholarships & Funds

Homewood Friends has set aside special funds to help members and regular attenders to attend Quaker gatherings, camps and educational institutions. The funds are administered by Homewood’s Trustees Committee.

The form needed to apply is here:  Homewood Individual Funding Application. The form is also available from the Meeting office.

Funds available for the children of Homewood Friends Meeting:

Nicholson Fund 

In 1930, Ellen A. Nicholson gave money to provide funds for the Meeting’s children to go to camp and other Quaker gatherings. The Nicholson Fund is still available for this purpose.

Consolidated Education Fund

Many members have given to support education. This money can be used to support schooling at any level, public or private, as well as for educational projects, resources, and supplemental activities.

Fund available for the adults of Homewood Friends Meeting:

Davis Fund

This fund was established to provide support to members or regular attenders of the Meeting who wish to attend a Quaker conference or retreat, or a meeting of a Quaker organization.

For all these special funds:

Members and regular attenders are eligible to apply, and may be granted a maximum of one grant per calendar year.

Grants are typically small and are intended to supplement resources available to the participant from other sources.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed at the next monthly meeting of the Trustees Committee. Funds will be distributed throughout the year. There is a limited budget so applying earlier in the calendar year is advisable.

A condition of acceptance of these funds is that the recipient will submit a brief written report to the Trustees on his/her participation in the camp, conference, retreat, meeting, or educational opportunity; and/or give back to the Homewood community through a newsletter article or item, a simple lunch discussion, or some other means.

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