Peace & Justice

The PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE strives to serve Quakers’ 300-year-old Peace Testimony. PSJ brings peace issues and social concerns to the attention of the Meeting for individual and/or corporate action in support of our Quaker testimonies to reject war, violence, exploitation and repression, believing that of God dwells in every person.

  • We seek to serve, educate, spiritually enrich, and to practice peace-building.
  • We aim to stand against violence, work to remove its underlying causes, and to promote peace with justice, understanding and unity.
  • We act through public witness, direct service, awareness-promoting activities, and campaigns for fair, effective, and compassionate legislation.

Where we can, we network and act with other faiths and non-religious groups which share our non-violent values and methods. The committee is open to the participation of non-members.


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