Centenary Celebration

Although Quakers have been in Baltimore for hundreds of years, 2022 marks the centenary (one hundred years) at our current location. The Meetinghouse at 3107 North Charles Street was finished in late 1921. The first Meeting for Worship was held in early 1922. Baltimore Monthly Meeting of Friends, Orthodox became Homewood Friends Meeting (HFM).

We are celebrating this milestone in a variety of ways.

  • We are reflecting on our history and some of the key achievements of Homewood Friends during the past century.
  • We are “witnessing” (living our values) our testimonies in support of the environment and social justice through direct action, how we operate as a Meeting and how we interact with the greater Baltimore community.
  • We are fostering our relationships with other congregations and institutions in Baltimore.

“If this building could speak, oh the stories it could tell.”

As part of the 2022 centenary celebrations, John McKusick and Mary Rose Madden created an audio documentary of some of Homewood’s History. Here is their short introduction to the piece:

Located in the Charles Village neighborhood and across the street from the campus of Johns Hopkins University, the Meetinghouse was built to serve an orthodox Quaker community.  And it was designed to host large periodic gatherings of orthodox Friends from across several states. 
Through the years, so much has changed. Homewood is no longer an orthodox Friends community.  Members and attenders today hold a broader range of religious beliefs than Friends of the first decades of the
20th century.     
This audio doc draws upon interviews with long-time members of HFM. We’ve tried to capture a number of their stories and salient memories about the building and the faith community it has supported.  
It’s not intended to be a comprehensive history of HFM, but rather an intimate look into the building’s history and the people who brought and found Light into it.

Homewood’s History by John McKusick and Mary Rose Madden


Centenary website collage 980x520 Chavis postponed

Centenary Events

February 13, 2022 2PM online presentation “Quakers & Anti-Lynching” by Quaker historian Jim Fussell.

March 13, 2022 2PM hybrid presentation “For Common Cause”  PDF of the poster displayed behind Sarah Bur and Dr. Iris Barnes of the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum. 

Sarah Bur Iris Barnes and panel

March 20, 2022 2PM Postponed, to be rescheduled. Hybrid author talk by Dr. Charles Chavis

April 24, 2022 Homewood Meetinghouse Centennial Homecoming celebrations. Registration link.

(If you need a chili recipe for the Homecoming meal, here’s a link to Sarah’s favorite.)


We have a new, bright blue door for the start of the second century of Homewood Friends Meeting (the Quakers) at 3107 North Charles Street in Baltimore City.  We hope that the door will make our building a little easier to locate.

Front door of Homewood Meetinghouse

A new, blue door for a new century.

Whether you live nearby in Charles Village or are visiting from afar, we welcome you.  And we would like to get to know you!  

Please feel free to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM, to enjoy the native plants garden in our side yard, or to participate in one or more of the several community groups that use our building.   

Side door of Homewood Meetinghouse. Banner reads "Quakers celebrating 100 years in Charles Village" 1921-2021

Our bright blue banner hangs over our winter-dormant native garden.

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