Homewood’s New Green Space

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…

The words of that old song are coming to life outside of our meetinghouse. As shown in the photos below, volunteers have planted nearly 200 plants and shrubs along the side and in the front of the building. The new garden is supported by two cisterns that capture runoff from the roof. This transformation will demonstrate the benefits of harvesting stormwater and the use of native plants to create beauty and make an urban space more hospitable to birds and pollinators.

Coming soon: Homewood Friends will host educational sessions about creating habitat for birds and pollinators and the benefits of reducing stormwater runoff.

Homewood Friends Meeting is part of the One Water Partnership, a network of congregations in the Jones Falls watershed united through commitment to environmental stewardship. Homewood Meeting thanks the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Blue Water Baltimore, our partners in making possible our new garden.

To view the photos in a larger gallery format, please click one of the images below.

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