Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting Queries

Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting, in existence since the early 1700s, currently consists of the following Monthly Meetings: Annapolis, Gunpowder, Homewood (Baltimore), Little Falls, Patapsco, Patuxent, Sandy Spring, and Stony Run (Baltimore). At our last two Quarterly Meetings we have had representation from less than half of our constituent Meetings. This reduced participation has provoked the thought that we should pause and reevaluate what Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting means to us. We ask that local Meetings consider the following questions before our next Quarterly Meeting scheduled for March 11th at Stony Run.

  1. Do we want Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting to continue?
  2. Is there anything we should do differently to energize it or to make it more meaningful?
  3. Should we change the structure or frequency of the meetings?

Currently, we meet 3 times per year (September, March, and June). The typical structure of the day includes a program planned by the host Monthly Meeting, Lunch, and a Business Meeting. Our meetings continue to provide a great opportunity for fellowship and to learn what is happening in other meetings. During the last few years, we have engaged in statewide legislative advocacy, taking advantage of the fact that all of our member meetings are located in Maryland. We supported environmental legislation including 25% clean energy by 2020 and the recent ban on fracking and joined the Maryland Clean Energy Job Initiative supporting 50% clean energy by 2030. We also have supported criminal justice reform legislation guided by the Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform (MAJR). The 2005 document references a strong focus on children; in the last few years very few children have attended CQM gatherings. Recent programs have included FCNL legislative update, Doug Gwyn speaking on radical Quakerism,,worship-sharing on Listening, a panel discussion on the Annapolis Peace Center and a session on outreach and growing our Meetings.

Thank you for considering this unusual request. For further information, please see the document approved in 2005, “Statement of Purpose for Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting.”